My name is Shannon Drake, welcome to my portfolio. This is the part of the profile where I’m supposed to toss in as many $5 words and catch phrases as humanly possible; this amalgamation ($7 thank you) of shiny key terms is supposed to wow you, stun you, and make you think “gee whiz, this lady is well bred and educated, like a fancy Jack Russel Terrier.”

That’s what normal people do, and dear profile reader… I am not normal.

Hi, I’m Shannon Drake, I’m an idea person, a do’er, a thinker out of the box-er, a game changer, a quirky person, a rebel, a geek and all that other hip s**** that you would hear in a Steve Jobs speech.

I quit a dream job to start my own company… one of those people. Creating anything successful these days depends of a beautiful ballet of design, content, and engagement. I’m fortunate to have a crazy diverse background in Fine Art, Design, History, Anthropology and Business. Long story short I make shit happen.

I’m looking to work with people who “get it” people who aren’t afraid, innovators, culture makers, eccentrics, entrepreneurs… people who work for the common good.

My goal is to be the next Jony Ive meets Richard Brandson meets David Bowie with a scoop of Andy Warhol for good measure. Help me reach my goal by helping you exceed yours.





Email: Shannon@drakestudio.com